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Overcomer - See It.

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

On Tuesday, August 20, Bobbie and I took advantage of a free advanced screening of Overcomer, the new movie from the Kendrick Brothers, courtesy of Moody Radio Chicago. Overcomer opened in theaters officially on Friday, August 23.

The question is...see it in theaters or wait for Pure Flix or Netflix?

The answer is...both. See it now and see it later.

The story of a young girl broken by the absence of a father-figure is so perfect for our time. How many of our kids are lost and in need of a positive male influence? Boys need a Godly man to show how to live, love their wives and family, and how to, most importantly, seek God. Girls need a Godly man to show them how to be treated, love, respected, valued, and led by a man seeking God. There are countless studies that prove the value of a father figure in the life of a child. God designed it to be that way, and it is a plight of our society that so many kids are left with this unfilled chasm in their lives.

Hannah Scott, played by Aryn Wright-Thompson, in her first movie role ever, is the lead character, shows the struggles of being raised by only her grandmother. Hannah's grandmother, like many who are alone in raising a child, works too hard to make ends meet, and despite her efforts, cannot fill the holes in Hannah's life left by the lack of a father.

The story is so double-layered. We all need a Godly man to influence our lives. We all need our Heavenly Father to love and lead us even more than the Godly man. Lacking both, we have an irreparable hole. Lacking the earthly father, God can more than fill that gap when we trust Him.

This story is also about the redeeming power of Jesus and how faith in Him is life changing. Again, the knock on Christian movies is the level of cheese or how hokey the Gospel is portrayed. Not here. Even more than War Room, the story is real and the story is well told by a dynamic and varied cast. Thomas Hill, played by Cameron Arnett, meets Coach John Harrison by "accident," though the story told masterfully hides the real reason why this is actually a Divine appointment. The story of the friendship between Thomas and Coach Harrison is also really well told. The Divine appointment that made this meeting seems to have one reason. But, then, another, deeper, reason comes later.

After seeing the movie, I continue to be impressed with the Kendrick Brothers' efforts. Their movies continue to improv in all the technical aspects, as well as the storytelling. The story arc is not completely predictable. There are moments you can see the new "reveals" coming, but never in a way that feels cheap, weak, or hokey.

I was blessed with a chance to interview Cameron Arnett for the Gifts for Glory Podcast. The episode goes live on Wednesday, September 11, at 8:05am CDT. Listen to the podcast HERE.

This is a great family movie. This is a great date movie. This is a great movie for church-goers and those not attached to a church.

As an Ebert, I give two thumbs way, way up!

Check out the trailer below:

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