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Christian Comic Book- Chronicles of Faith: David

As heard on the Gifts for Glory Podcast, we welcomed Brannon Hollingsworth of Brainy Pixel and Ivan Anaya of Mercy Ways Studios, and they have just released edition 00 of their comic book, "Chronicles of Faith: David."

Listen to the interview here or watch the live interview here. During the interview, we talk about their testimonies, their faith, and using their gifts for God's glory. One of the projects is this newly released comic book, "Chronicles of Faith: David."

I purchased the comic book download, which is available in English here and in Spanish here.

First confession, I am not a comic book reader. The closest I have come to reading comic books would be the Bible tracts that are sometimes passed out to share The Gospel. But, I have skimmed comics in the past, and seen the Marvel comic stack graphics at the beginning of the MCU films.

So, like my enjoyment and enthusiasm for MCU, this review comes from someone not rooted in comic books or graphic novels.

With that out of the way, I do highly recommend Chronicles of Faith. The graphics, the colors, the boldness, and the fun way in which the telling of the story of David are incredibly appealing. Even if you only glance at it, the story panels will hook you in. As a non-comic book reader, I have found that I can really get into them because of the quality of this book.

I enjoyed that we did not get a run-of-the-mill regurgitation of the story of David and Goliath, and we didn't get the dry, oft-repeated story of shepherd David to King David. Each scene gives us a taste of the epic nature of each segment of the story.

The heroic telling of David's killing of a bear to protect a sheep is something that makes that detail of David's story come to life. It's often glossed over, but the creators gave it a nice prominence in the story.

The incident with the bear also nicely foretells the 'BIG' story of David's young life.

The end of this edition is nicely done, as well, as we see King David passing on his wisdom and faith to his next generation. We often miss these concepts...the concept of the father/king and the son/prince as humans interacting as normal father and son.

I don't want to give too many details, but I know that any comic book reader would enjoy this book. It is well worth supporting future editions by purchasing the inaugural installment.

Click on any of the pictures or click here to purchase the comic in English. Or you can get the Spanish language version here.

Additionally, follow Brainy Pixel on Facebook @brainypixelproductionsllc, and Mercy Ways Studios on Facebook at @mercyways.studios.

As an Ebert, and as a David, I give this comic two thumbs up!

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