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Election 2020

As I type this out, there are almost 4 full weeks until the election. This is my analysis. And, as if 2020 hasn't been insane enough, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump announced they have tested positive for COVID. This year has been one of heightened emotions and galvanized divisions, even, and most tragically, within the Body of Christ.

It is to address that deep, galvanized division within the Church that I share the below thoughts. This blog is not an endorsement for or against any candidate for any office in any local, state, or national election. This is an endorsement of faith and trust in God through Jesus Christ and a heart check for American Christians. Let me address a few major points.

FIRST, it is a false narrative to put forth the statement, “You cannot be a Christian and vote for (CANDIDATE).” Why would I say that? Well, we are arguing that one sinner’s sins are more sinful than the sins of the other sinner. Why would we, as sinners, debate which sin

Why would we, as sinners, debate which sin is the worse sin when God does not treat any sin as more sinful than other sin?

is the worse sin when God does not treat any sin as more sinful than other sin? It is sin. Sin is sin. Sin is sin is sin. We need to stop being so dogmatic and so Team Blue or Team Red to the point of slicing and dicing the Body of Christ. It doesn’t work that way and we hurt the advancement of the Gospel when we stick to exalting humans.

SECOND, the first paragraph said Candidate. There are certain issues that must be considered when we determine the place where we send out support. Issues we care about should be proven to be worthy of our interest by our own investment of time, effort, and self-education. We must show we care by caring enough to read more than memes and headlines, listen to more than soundbites and talking points. We must show we care. Learn the truth in as much as possible. Learn by absorbing information from sources you don’t agree with.

THIRD, there is no justification as a Christian for limitless abortion. Even in the less than 5% of all abortions which are done in cases of rape, incest, and medical emergency, limitless abortion up until birth, and, according to Governor Northam of Virginia and Governor Cuomo in New York, perhaps even just after birth, is not something a person who believes in God and His Bible can support.

FOURTH, we should be multi-issued voters. We must weigh all issues. One issue voters are weak and manipulated too easily by TV, social media, and entertainment figures. Be educated and be informed and be an adult who can weigh multiple issues.

FIFTH, and, most likely most importantly, we must, within the Body of Christ, not lose our witness because of an election. If we can accept that we are choosing broken, fallen, sinful, evil people, and therefore we can accept my first premise of the fallacy of “You cannot be Christian and vote for (Candidate),” then we must then focus our eyes on the Throne of God and the love of Christ, thus focusing on the eternal, which will nullify any importance of any election. Now, some will say, “You’re making Jesus cry by supporting that racist,” or “You’re no believer in Christ if you support that vile person,” both among believers and non-Christians. It will happen...but, please remember that it is a fallacy and a lie and tool of the enemy. What matters more than the election is the selection of Jesus as Lord and Savior.

And our witness is not truly damaged by who we vote for this year so long as we live out our faith and exemplify the Fruit of the Spirit in our lives.

Humans will fail. Jesus will not. Hope in the eternal and unchanging and unwavering.

Both, well, all three, candidates are fallen, broken, evil, sinful people. They need Jesus. They need our prayers. They are humans. Our hope is not in them at all. If it is, we are lost and need to reprioritize where we place our hope and faith.

Humans will fail. Jesus will not. Hope in the eternal and unchanging and unwavering.

At this time, I will not reveal for whom I am voting for due to the fact I think the above is far more important to understand. I may share my endorsement at sometime, but again, in the end and in view of The Kingdom, it is not important.

May God bless you and may you find your hope, peace, and joy in Him alone. No human can fill the God-shaped hole in your life. Only God. Only God through Jesus.

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