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Are you an improviser that needs a caring, concerned set of eyes to help your team get to a higher level? Is there something missing in your rehearsals and performances that needs someone that loves the art of improv to help out? Let Gifts for Glory and Well Versed Comedy help! Email for details!

But, wait! There's more!

Improv has far-reaching applications beyond the stage! 

Dave Ebert has been using improv training and workshops to help folks who most likely will never take a stage to perform. Some of the ways improv fundamentals can help you and your group, even if they have no desire to perform are:

  • Finding their voice and learning to express themselves 

  • Building, or RE-building, self-esteem

  • Develop confidence

  • Team-building

  • Improve communication

  • Enhance public speaking

  • Increase sales productivity 

  • ...and more!  


Since December 2018, Dave has been serving Salt & Light Coalition by teaching improv to the ladies they serve. What makes this opportunity such a blessing is that these ladies are all incredible survivors of sex trafficking. 


To bring one or more of the incredibly gifted performers of Well Versed Comedy or MADtrimony to your group for an improv workshop, email 

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