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Gifts for Glory

Founded 2018 by Dave and Bobbie Ebert

The vision for Gifts for Glory Ministries started in 2013, with the establishment of hahahAMEN, which later became HaHaMen. This team is the improv ministry of Gifts for Glory, and has been entertaining audiences around the Chicagoland area since their first show November 11, 2013. Throughout that time, Dave and HaHaMen used the #OGHG, Our Gifts for His Glory. 

Dave is also an improv coach, speaker, pastor, actor, and improv performer. Plus, he and his amazing wife Bobbie perform together as MADtrimony. Add to that the creation of America's first ever Christian improv and sketch festival PureFest, and suddenly Dave and Bobbie were seeing their desire and passion for creative arts and performance arts to serve God grow in many directions. Thus, the need for an umbrella under which these various ministries would reside.

Toward the end of 2018, Dave and Bobbie launched Gifts for Glory, the parent ministry for HaHaMen, PureFest, and Dave's individual pursuits.

In early 2019, Gifts for Glory launched a podcast. The Gifts for Glory Podcast launched with an interview with the co-founder of hahahAMEN/HaHaMen Ryan McChesney. Each week, Dave hosts a special guest that is using their gifts, passions, talents, and desires in service to God's Kingdom and His children. Dave has interviewed talk show hosts, comedians, a basketball team owner, and a radio host. You can find the Gifts for Glory Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, and Spreaker. 

In July 2019. Gifts for Glory announced that HaHaMen was now Well Versed Comedy. Feeling the awkwardness of having a mostly female cast and the word "MEN" so prominent, plus the tiredness with the play on words by having "HAHA" and "AMEN," made for the right time to change the name to something that will more accurately reflect the team. 

Gifts for Glory Ministries is ready to provide high quality, clean, family-friendly entertainment for your event, caring and professional improv coaching for performance or for personal development, or an experienced emcee, speaker, guest pastor, actor, or improviser. 

We are also here to promote men and women using their Gifts for His Glory.

Visit our CONTACT page or email for booking or other inquiries. 

improv performance

Well Versed Comedy and MADtrimony are ready to come to your event to bring a one-of-a-kind, memorable show!

improv coaching

Drawing on his years of performance experience, his love of people, and his passion to use improv fundamentals to change the world, Dave is excited to bring an improv workshop to you!

Public speaking

Do you need a speaker for your next gathering? Do you need someone with a story to tell while also engaging and entertaining your group? 

guest pastor/ minister

Dave is currently working to obtain his pastoral license through the Illinois District Assemblies of God. If your church is looking to have a guest pastor come speak, Dave would love to come share the Word of God with your church family.

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