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Dave Ebert Bio

Dave is an experienced improviser, actor, speaker, improv coach, and is a credentialed minister with the Assemblies of God.


Dave has a very unique resume as he credits most of his acting and improv training to his 8+ years traveling the roads of West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina as a pro-wrestler. 

Dave is the founder of Gifts for Glory Ministries, as well as the founder of both Well Versed Comedy and PureFest

Dave moved to Chicago to pursue a life and career in ministry to use his gifts for God's glory. Whether it be making people laugh during an improv show, moving the audience with a dramatic role, preaching the Word of God from the pulpit, or inspiring a crowd from the podium, Dave is right at home in front of a crowd.


Dave has been sharing his testimony and telling all about how God delivered him from depression and suicidal ideations, and now God is redeeming that 'lost' time through comedy, improv, and acting. This testimony has been impacting live crowds in and around Chicago, and around the world via podcast and media interviews, for the last 8 years.

Dave found the love of his earthly life in his wife Bobbie. The couple was married in June 2015, and they currently reside in the southwest Chicago suburbs with their three cats. They attend and are active in Thrive Church, Lockport, Ill. 

Dave is available to bring his testimony and a potentially life-changing and ministry-changing improv workshop to your group. Contact us today to get your next event in motion!

Dave On Podcasts/Radio
  • A Savage Perspective


    Dave joins hosts Mike and Cynthia Savage to talk pro-wrestling, depression, and comedy on A Savage Perspective.

  • Positively Joy


    Dave joins host Yvette Walker to talk about finding joy in life despite the past challenges of depression on the Positively Joy podcast.. 

  • Cause Talk Radio


    Dave joins host Nancy Landa on Cause Talk Radio to share his story of faith. 

  • Letters From Home


    Meg Glesener welcomes Dave on to the Letters From Home podcast. Dave shares his story, his passion for using comedy to make a difference, and how God is redeeming time lost to depression and battles with suicidal thoughts. Dave also shares how wrestling has played a huge role in his life. Listen to the "All Joking Aside" episode of the Letters From Home podcast. 

    letters from home collage.jpg
  • Moments with Moni


    Moni welcomes Dave to the Moments with Moni podcast. They discuss Jesus, family, comedy, and a little bit of politics. Enjoy this really fun conversation!  

    moments with moni logo.png
  • The Maurice Brown Show


    Dave joins comedian Maurice Brown to talk faith. diversity in faith-based productions, comedy, and how comedy is such a needed gift in these times. Check the replay on The Creative Motion Network on Roku, or click the photo to view on YouTube. 

  • One Faith Radio & Podcast Show


    Episode 19 is a continuation of the series entitled “What’s Your Why?” and this episode features Minister Dave Ebert, of Gifts for Glory Ministries in Crest Hill, IL. 
    The “What’s Your Why?” series aims to inspire people to find their why and purpose in life and in God. This series is designed to hear the stories of Pastors and Ministers who have discovered their why or are continuing to develop their why in life. 

  • The Biblical Woman


    Dave, not a Biblical Woman, joins Cat and Whitley in the studio this week to talk about dealing with depression as a Christian, using comedy to share the Gospel, and his ministry. With laughs and seriousness, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

  • Bleeding Daylight 


    Dave's first INTERNATIONAL INTERVIEW! Dave joins Australian native Rodney Olsen to discuss how he has turned comedy from something that masked his own pain, into something that brings healing for others, including women released from sex trafficking. In this episode of Bleeding Daylight, we get to explore a little of the inner conflicts that Dave has faced over the years and the way that life is now so very different for him.

  • The God Spot/Elevated Faith


    Dave joined Ally and Will Jefferson, with special guest co-host Rico Lane.  They have a conversation about what it means to use your gifts and talents to bring glory to the kingdom, what that looks like, and the ups and downs that go along with that!

  • Longing for More


    In this episode, Dave shares how comedy has changed his life significantly. He explains how he once used humor as a way to hide and how he now uses it to reveal who God is. Dave's used comedy to help others improve their communication skills, self-confidence, and to tap into their creativity.

  • The Kingdom Bringer Podcast


    Darin discusses the Kingdom bringing power of comedy with Improv Comedian Dave Ebert. Dave opens up about how comedy played a big factor in his overcoming of depression. They also talk about the current and future state of Christian movies and media.

  • Karitos Worship and Arts Podcast


    Zach and Susannah Francis welcome Dave to the Karitos Podcast to talk about testimony, faith, and using our gifts for the glory of God. They also talk about Karitos Worship and Christian Arts Conference.

  • Halfway There Podcast 


    Eric Nevins welcomes Dave to talk about faith, using comedy in ministry, and how we can make an impact for the Kingdom.

  • Spiritual Life and Leadership Podcast


    Markus Watson invited Dave to come on and discuss his comedy journey, including how 8 years of pro wrestling prepared him for the improv stage and improv ministry. 

    markus watson.jpg
  • Simply Felicity


    Dr. Felicity Joy Solomon welcomes Dave to her show to talk faith, comedy, and using our gifts to serve God and His Kingdom. 

  • The Daren Streblow Comedy Show


    Dave joins the incredible Daren Streblow to talk comedy, share about PureFest, and talk using faith in comedy. 

  • Your Hope-Filled Perspective


    Dave was blessed to join Dr. Michelle Bengston on Your Hope-Filled Perspective to share his Testimony on how God is redeeming lost time to depression through comedy. 

  • Tim DeMoss Show- WFIL Philadelphia


    At approximately the half-way point in the show, Dave joins Tim DeMoss to talk PureFest, comedy, and using comedy as ministry. 

  • Art & Faith Conversations


    Dave joins host Libby John to share his testimony and discuss how he is using comedy as a ministry. 

    art and faith.jpg
Dave and Gifts for Glory in the News

Article in Joliet, Illinois, Herald-News (2019):

Lockport church to host PureFest 2019 on Sept. 28

Article in Joliet, Illinois, Herald-News (2019):

Christian Comedy Team films web pilot in Lockport By Denise M. Baran-Unland

Article in Lockport, Illinois, Lockport Legend (2019):

Comedy group brings lots of laughs to Lockport By Mary Compton

Article in the Joliet, Illinois, Herald-News (2017):

Artworks: The joke's not on them By Denise M. Baran-Unland


Alumni Article from Bluefield College (2014):

Alumnus Uses Comedy to Share Gospel By Christ Shoemaker


The Alabama Baptist (2014):

Comedian Finds Ready Audience for Gospel on Improv Circuit


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