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Returning in 2021!

PureFest is the world's only Christian improv and comedy festival. Serving an under-represented and under-served sector of the entertainment world, PureFest was created for three primary reasons. 

1) Enable fellowship and develop community among Christian men and women who perform improv, sketch, and drama ministry. 

2) Create a platform for those men and women to share and showcase their passions, gifts, and talents. 

3) Create a showcase for the world to see that labeling something "Christian" does not automatically mean it's not as good as non-Christian. Just because we are all Christians, that doesn't mean our performances, our talents, and our quality suffers. We are good because we serve a good God. We are able to be excellent because we are created by and Excellent God. 

PureFest will be relocating for our next edition in 2021. Follow PureFest @PureFestChicago on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date. 

Find out more about PureFest here.  

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