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Local Comedy Troupe Announces New Name and Television Show

Lockport, Ill.: Well Versed Comedy, formerly known as HaHaMen Improv, has partnered with Road 2 Eternity, a television, radio, and movie production company based in Joliet, Ill., to produce a five episode pilot program to be filmed in Lockport, Ill., in July 2019.

The television show, loosely based on the hit show “Whose Line is it Anyway?”, will start the five-member troupe of Well Versed Comedy, plus special guest comedians from around Chicago-land. The show will fit a need for Road 2 Eternity’s line up, as well as fulfill a dream and vision for Well Versed founder Dave Ebert.

“In this world that’s so full of angst and political strife and yelling at each other on social media, we need outlets that can distract, at least, and potentially inspire healing, at best,” said Ebert. “So, my vision has long been to move from live theatre to the more easily accessible television and web-based programming that so many people seek for those distractions from the troubles of this world.”

Road 2 Eternity founder Michael White and his mother Sheila White met with Dave and Bobbie Ebert in May to discuss the possibility of the television show. The meeting, originally scheduled for thirty minutes, went over two hours as both parties were excited about the possibility.

“When we met with Sheila (White), we were blown away by how this all came together,” Ebert said. “They were needing to diversify their programming with comedy, and (Road 2 Eternity founder) Michael (White) tells us he just happened to find us on Instagram. It showed me this is a God thing, and God can redeem and use even social media!”

Ebert also knows that when something is labeled “Christian,” as his troupe is a Christian comedy team, there is some connotation that the quality will suffer as a result of being rooted in faith.

“For a long time, I’ve believed that as a Christian group, some will automatically think we’re just not as funny as those that aren’t openly Christian,” said Ebert. “However, I’ve seen how this team is not ‘good enough for Christians,’ but this team is truly, wonderfully gifted. There is no quality lost by our faith. I would argue that our quality is enhanced by it.”

The team of Well Versed Comedy is not new, as they have been performing in the Chicago-land area since 2013. However, the team made the decision to update the name and give more meaning than a well-intentioned play on words.

“Initially, HaHaMen was supposed to be a play on words with ‘amen’ at the end,” added Ebert. “But, the play was often lost, and with a cast of such amazing women, we wanted to take the confusion of the “men” out of the name. So, we worked diligently to create Well Versed.”

Well Versed Comedy does meet Ebert’s need for word play, however.

“Well Versed has several layers to the meaning, because we are Well Versed in comedy. We are Well Versed in performing. We are Well Versed in Scripture. It checks all the boxes for us as a faith-based team that wants to make clean comedy accessible for all.”

Well Versed Comedy’s new future begins with the filming of their television show on three consecutive Monday evenings in Lockport. The public is invited to RSVP for one of the limited number of in-studio seats for the recordings on either July 15, July 22, or July 29. Those interested may contact Well Versed Comedy at Seating is limited, so those interested in being a part of the live studio audience are encouraged to RSVP quickly.

Well Versed Comedy is also available for bookings for fundraisers, lock ins, youth events, or private parties. For more information, the team may be reached at

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